Les Rois Vagabonds | the book
Les Rois Vagabonds | the book


"The King Vagabonds - looking for the other"





By Julia Moa Caprez, Preface by Catherine Germain

  • Published in July 2021 by Magellan & cie editions
  • 208 pages, Trilingual French - English - Spanish
  • Reissue 2023 Paperback, €20 (Bilingual French - English)
  • Also available after the performances and at your booksellers.


Ten years of touring around the world with the show "Concerto for Two Clowns" marks the occasion for circus artist Julia Moa Caprez to share her experience and opens a window into a work that is still largely unknown: the art of the clown.

Photographs collected over the years punctuate her texts; they reflect an intimate world - on stage, backstage and on the road, and bear witness to a singular journey where art and life are one. Julia Moa Caprez recounts an unusual journey to the rhythm of encounters; her loves, her doubts, her passions and the ardent desire to go in search of the other and of herself.



« In a show, I’m like a bird doing a mating dance. But it’s not Auguste I want to seduce, it’s the audience.
Can they see me ? Will they want me ? Will they love me ?
Madly, with a beating heart, I await their declaration of love.
And Auguste ? He’s here with me, faithfully. We walk side by side in the deep certainty that we will not leave each other. »