Les Rois Vagabonds | Igor Sellem
Les Rois Vagabonds | Igor Sellem

Les Rois Vagabonds

Igor Sellem


"I became a clown for the first time, entirely by accident, during a sports class in high school. The sight of my clumsy gesticulations behind the perfect figures of the two girls in front of me was met with uncontrollable laughter.I wasn’t sure what had happened, but I sensed that the combination of my awkwardness and that laughter had created something magical, like a force that suspended the normal flow of events, brought everyone together and made them feel good.I never forgot that moment.

I went on to earn a master’s degree in fundamental physics and a national diploma in rock climbing, before spending ten years travelling around France as a trumpet player and acrobat with Compagnie Erectus. That long, winding road eventually led me back to my first experience as a clown.
The way ahead soon became clear. I honed my clown skills with the help of Yvo Mentens and Caroline Obin, while simultaneously creating Les Rois Vagabonds with Julia Moa Caprez. "