Les Rois Vagabonds | Press
Les Rois Vagabonds | Press

Les Rois Vagabonds



France 3
« What they do on stage is a prodigy. They push back all the limits with modesty as a bonus. The imagination of childhood can have free rein... A favorite. »


Marie-Claude Pietragalla
Former Principal Dancer at Paris Opera Ballet
« My latest favorite? Les Rois Vagabonds, a couple of virtuoso circus artists who manage to combine bodywork, music and drama in a masterful way. It's funny, sad and deep at the same time! An artistic shock! »


« This concerto for two clowns that everything opposes, merges thanks to a musical and corporal score of high flight. An enchantment to discover! »

« Red velvet cushions under an opera chandelier. We are at the show at Les Rois Vagabonds. An odd couple. On their poster, they leave with, for all luggage, a violin and an old tuba. And we want to follow them. She, Julia Moa Caprez, is a classical violinist, contortionist and dancer. He, Igor Sellem, is a trumpet player and acrobat. They found each other clowns. Complete artists, these two vagabonds play with ease with the borders between disciplines. Clowns, their creativity is nourished by all human contacts. Going out to meet the most different audiences is, for them, an artistic requirement. »


Avignon Off
« An extremely original, exceptional show, full of poetry, magnificent!.»